? Artist Statement - Kelsey Byram
Kelsey Byram - Artist

Kelsey Byram


Artist Statement

I am the vessel that carries the Otherworld into this world. My creations were conceived in another time, another place, but born in this world as prophets. Each piece carries the essence of an aspect of spirituality, without also carrying the established meaning of any specific religion. The warm glow of fire in darkness, chanting and music, ritualistic motions, processions and journeys, script and symbols - detached from proselytizing, these things carry individual meaning to us all.

My materials are intimately connected to the world that they are a part of. Leather, stone, wood, bone, and linen are children of the earth, and are reminders of the grass beneath your feet, the bark under your hands. Silk, glass, mirrors, and shimmer are children of the sky, and are reminders of the wind in your hair, the feeling of raindrops on your skin.

A costume is not complete until it is worn, a mask is not complete without the face concealed behind it. Empty of the bearer, the costume is still and silent like a relic in a museum. Someone once wore it, someone once knew its meaning, but its life is lived, its history condensed to a few short phrases tacked on the wall beside it. Time does not leave anything untouched, and its passage is recorded in accumulation and decay. Time binds us all together.

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